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This code has been developed from the values of the Professional Guild of NLP. Each Individual member within the Guild will have his or her own mechanisms for monitoring and validating the level of performance in relation to these values.


  • Present an ethical and authentic model to others when acting under the banner of NLP, by upholding the integrity of the NLP attitude of curiosity, methodology and technology.
  • Adopt the Presuppositions of NLP as the basis of all my practice.
  • Present myself, my experience and level of competence honestly.
  • Encourage others to learn more about what NLP can offer them, by offering a congruent example and ecological promotion.
  • Maintain and respect confidentiality of clients and associates.


  • Recognise the current limitations of my skills and knowledge, and whilst demonstrating flexibility, know when to consult and/or refer on to others as required.
  • Maintain and develop my abilities to be in a resourceful state appropriate for the situations I find myself in.
  • Act ecologically to restore, maintain or generate well-being for myself, others and the community.
  • Continue my NLP learning and development by reviewing, refreshing and updating my skills and understanding.


  • Establish well formed outcomes as the starting point of every professional relationship and remember that when working with another, my outcome is to assist the other to achieve his or her outcome.
  • Maintain records securely and in line with data protection legislation.
  • Seek and maintain appropriate supervision and guidance for my area of NLP application.