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Working with Vivienne showed me how to view myself differently, to believe in myself and my abilities. The exercises we did together helped me to understand why I was feeling under confident, and equipped me with coping mechanisms to overcome the bad emotions that were trying to take over me.

My initial reason for contacting Vivienne was work related, however each session allowed me to not only focus on how I was feeling at work, but my life and relationships in general.

Katie B, Hampshire

I felt I needed a life coach as my relentlessly negative attitude and self-limiting beliefs were starting to make me miserable and have a considerable impact on my life and relationships. In just a few sessions, Vivienne transformed my thinking and outlook so that now I am a much more positive and balanced person who looks for the good and positive in situations every day. This has had a profound effect on my day to day life, happiness, relationships and willingness to try new things and take risks in a positive way, and generally I feel more content and accepting.

Vivienne’s coaching style has been enormously helpful to me. I felt I could trust her completely and everything she said made absolute sense. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Elena from London

Vivienne coached me over a couple of months when I was feeling ‘stuck’. The main problem was a job I disliked and a growing resentment towards the company and its management; moreover my job search was unsuccessful. During the coaching conversations with Vivienne, I realised that the core of the problem was my negative attitude. Vivienne helped me work through the causes as well as helping me find a more positive approach in my interactions with people. That’s all I needed, a bit of a wake-up call to realise that it was up to me to change the situation. And only a few months later I had the interview for this exciting-looking job, which is my job now.

Giorgia of London

Hi Vivienne – The lady with the lovely smile who gave me good energy while I was speaking – thank you so much for that. Very much hope to see you again soon!

Suran Dickson, Chief Executive, Diversity Role Models

I approached Vivienne in 2012 to help with confidence issues I was having regarding my upcoming wedding. Whilst I was obviously looking forwards to the wedding I was also very anxious that my confidence issues would impact my enjoyment of the day.

Vivienne was a great sounding board and helped to dissect where my perceived confidence issues were actually coming from. It was a great opportunity to look inwards and learn how to become more self-aware.

Other than mentally preparing for my wedding I also learnt more about myself in general and started to get positive results in other areas of my work and personal life.

The wedding day itself could not have gone better and, as Vivienne had made me realise, there was no need for any anxiety.

I always left the sessions with Vivienne with a ‘spring in my step’ and even though the wedding has been and gone I intend to return to see Vivienne from time to time in future for a top-up of positive energy.

Paul from London

I’d been thinking for a while to get some help with organizing my made to measure clothes business but I had a feeling that before practical help would be useful I needed to find out a bit more about what made me tick or not tick.

I’ve always avoided looking into my mind, perhaps afraid of what I might find there! But when I met Vivienne there was something about her which inspired me to sign up for a few sessions; because I was finding it a bit exhausting being me.

Can’t say exactly how but she asked me the right questions, worked some magic and somehow made me feel both unusually calm and at the same time energized. And this is ongoing.

Do book a session.

Alice P of Islington

I came across Vivienne through a Google search. My boss suggested during my annual appraisal that I should build my confidence levels. Vivienne was very cognisant of my requirements and put together actions tailored to the issues I wanted to overcome. Vivienne didn’t judge or form pre-conceptions but challenged my thought pattern when she felt it necessary. In doing so I realised that my low self-esteem personally was affecting my confidence in the work place. Working with Vivienne, I was able to surmount a number of insecurities which enabled me to achieve the end goal to standing up to present in front of my company’s major shareholders and investors; something I had previously found terrifying.

Gemma of London

Vivienne is a highly skilled, friendly personal and business coach who has great integrity . She has helped me address a couple of deep routed issues which were holding me back in my career development and making me feel frustrated. Since the coaching I feel much more confident, content and less stressed. Her ability to help me work things through in my own head was truly breath taking. I whole heartedly recommend Vivienne Goldstein as a personal and business coach

David Gardner, Head of Group Technical Implementation, Britvic Soft Drinks

Viv is an intriguingly deep person, with a charmingly subtle talent in questioning those ridiculous limiting beliefs you drag along behind you…if you sense something is wrong in how your world is working then Viv can work her magic. You make your own reality but the right help at the right moment can move it to a new place that you may not even imagine is possible now. You have a chance right now to make your world better, easier and happier and only the beliefs you made up are holding you back. Thank you Viv, for helping to open the curtain and for the valuable kick up the backside!

Mike Barton, Product Manager (EW Threat Simulators), EW Simulation Technology Ltd

Vivienne coached me for several months in 2010. She managed to combine a light touch with expert guidance and insights, as well as a few laughs along the way. I trusted Vivienne 100% to help me make changes in my life and feel that it was a very valuable process.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Serena Bright

I first went to see Vivienne after a friend recommended her, as I had come to a cross roads in my personal and working life – I wasn’t sure what to do and felt a little out of control in every aspect of my life. Viv is fantastic, friendly, warm and open and you feel at ease with her instantly. I felt I could tell her honestly how I was feeling. After a few sessions with Viv, I felt so much more confident, in control and less stressed. Everything seemed a little easier and I managed to turn a bad situation at work around and get what I wanted from the situation. I felt I became me again and this clearly showed with the people I was around as I started to get comments on how great I looked, how well I handled different situations and I thought to myself I have been Viv’ed! and smiled. When I come across certain situations now, I think what would Viv say. She has helped me make some decisions about my future and everyone says I seem a lot happier and calmer. I would recommend her to anyone who needs someone to listen and get you back on track!

Nicky from London

Vivienne successfully combines professional coaching expertise with life experience. Her natural charm and presence give instant confidence in her abilities. Qualified to support clients to deal with a range of personal challenges, Vivienne is particularly skilled in improving the impact her clients make in their work and home life.

As a fellow NLP Master Practitioner, I have never hesitated to collaborate with Vivienne on joint workshops and other projects.

Natalie Richards, Director, Social & Local

Vivienne creates effective rapport with apparent ease, quickly enabling clients to feel at ease and to explore any issues they bring to a session. She works on the basis of all clients being resourceful and creative, helping them identify their own strategies and solutions with great success.

Vivienne also works very well with other coaches, someone I would count as a friend as much as a professional colleague.

Melanie Young, Partner, consultmike.com

I resigned from my job without any further work lined up. My reasons for this were disillusionment with the company and the role I was working in, and in particular a lack of understanding of where I wanted to take my career. I turned to Vivienne to help me establish what kind of career would be fulfilling for me.

I found Vivienne to be insightful and challenging, creating an environment in which I felt comfortable talking about myself. Using structured and practical exercises, Vivienne focused my thoughts on my true values. I learned a lot about myself throughout the sessions. Particularly useful to me, together we established four practical tests to monitor in my new role and ensure I was staying true to my identified values. My thanks to you Vivienne!

Jon, South London

I was so pleased that I found Viv. Without Viv I doubt I would be where I am now. Viv has a very professional yet personable approach to coaching which helps put you at ease and you still feel you can achieve what you set out to do. I really enjoyed having Viv work with me, and would recommend her to anyone.

Mark L of Surrey

Training for Life is a charity that works with people, who, for whatever reason, have found themselves out of work and unable to find sustainable employment. Our clients have excellent skills, but sometimes find it difficult to convey this to potential employers… We work with individuals and help them discover their potential and, more importantly show off their talent to prospective employers. In November 2011, the charity was hosting an important fundraising dinner, which required our current and ex-apprentices to ‘sell’ the charity to guests. Vivienne came to Training for Life and hosted a workshop to inspire confidence and encourage individuals to meet and talk to new people. The group was quite challenging, ranging in levels of confidence – in a relatively short period of time, Vivienne successfully engaged the group and got everyone on side. Watching her work with the group was a joy – she covered everything from speech to body language and was able to bring even the most shy individuals to come out of their shell – the fact that everyone left the session with beaming smiles said it all.

We would have no hesitation in using Vivienne’s services again!

Ben Anderson, Apprentices Manager, Training for Life.

Vivienne is a fantastically supportive coach and a good challenger. The issue I wanted her to focus with me was my tendency to personalize issues. With Vivienne’s support and techniques, I am now able to let go.   Thank you Vivienne.   I wish you much success.

Michelle S of Miami, Florida

In starting my new business, I was very fortunate to have Vivienne as a coach. Vivienne’s style is both relaxed and direct. Whilst I was grappling with starting something from scratch, Vivienne was able to stand to one side and guide me, through simple and deceptively gentle questions, to identify the nub of the many issues. From there she expertly nudged and encouraged me to work out the solutions and actions required. Her style inspires calm and confidence – most definitely gold by name and gold in quality.

Ivan Newman, founder, Living Inside the Brand®

“Vivienne has a warmth and understanding of human behaviour which is extremely nurturing. She is a wonderful listener and understands the challenges of change and personal growth. Vivienne has helped me to change my unhelpful patterns of behaviour and realise that, in doing less, I can become more efficient and fulfilled.I am so very grateful to her for her patience, clear thinking and gentle support and encouragement which have allowed me to get more clarity and focus in my life and make me more content and happier than I have been for a very long time. I have recommended her to many of my friends!”

Anna H of Surrey

Vivienne has helped me lose over 10lbs in weight. I am making much healthier food choices without even having to think about it anymore and binge eating is a thing of the past.I have a more positive outlook. Vivienne has helped me to refocus my energies and helped me to realise that past insecurities are insignificant to my life today. I have taken positive steps forward in many areas of my life and continue to do so.Changing my mindset has had an amazing effect on my confidence.Thank you Vivienne!

Sotira K of Surrey

Every session we have had has helped me and I am already feeling happier and confident about things. Furthermore, having goals and deadlines to deal with them is also benefiting me and there is a feeling of great satisfaction having dealt with a problem, even the smaller ones.

Jane B of London

I presume we all have moments when we feel scared to change, we lose track of what we really want to do and what can we do.Months ago, I had that kind of moment. It had been a while, I lost my aim, my confidence, I wasn’t sure the subject I had chosen to study was really what I had wanted and I didn’t know what the priority was in my future …I was really unhappy. My mind was like a walk on a foggy day; I couldn’t see my way clearly.I went to Vivienne Goldstein for a coaching session as a friend recommended. I was nervous at the beginning, but as our time passed by, I didn’t realize when, I started talking to her so openly, it was like I was talking to my best friend…I felt so relaxed during the coaching session. She is such a professional and has such a charming and approachable personality. Vivienne used her professional skill to help me discover my abilities. She was very clever using questions to help me discover deep inside of me, helping me to understand myself better than ever. My mind was like a rope full of knots. I would never have had the courage and patience to open all of these knots without Vivienne’s help. I am so glad I went to see her. And with her help, I have found my confidence again. I have also discovered my own abilities and I now know what I really want to do in the future.I am one happy person again! Thanks to Vivienne! Sometimes, we get locked inside ourselves and we don’t realize it, we become really troubled, but we can’t find the reason by ourselves. I would say “Go and see Vivienne who can help you to find the key to unlock yourself”

Melody H of Beijing and London